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Debris sound set of explosions not audible
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The problem in the config volumeFactor value
CfgSoundSets → Explosion_Debris_SoundSet → volumeFactor → "0.9 * (1 - sea)"
Due to this parameter, the sounds of вebris after the explosion never worked in the game

But note that with the release of the DLC Laws of War, new debris sounds for other types of explosions have been added, check they config:
CfgSoundSets → UXO_Debris_SoundSet → volumeFactor → 1
I changed this setting for Explosion_Debris_SoundSet to equal to UXO_Debris_SoundSet and now sounds from Explosion_Debris_SoundSet work!

Check this YT video


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

see YT video, or:

  1. go to Eden, any world, any soldier with HE hand grenade
  2. spawn
  3. throw grenade near you, wait explosion

Result → no debris sounds as defined in the config (Explosion_Debris_SoundSet)

This applies not only to grenade explosions, almost all explosions in the game (judging by the configuration - 53 pcs. of explosions config-classes) should reproduce Explosion_Debris_SoundSet sounds. But this does not happen due to a strange value in the volumeFactor parameter

Additional Information

In general, the game has 4 sets of explosion debris sounds

  1. Rock_Debris_SoundSet
  2. UXO_Debris_SoundSet
  3. ClusterBomb_Debris_SoundSet
  4. Explosion_Debris_SoundSet

but only the last one does not work and has a strange parameter. Take a look at they config values!

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Fixed in 2.14 - volumeFactor doesn't support simple expressions so that condition had to be moved to sound shaders itself