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disableMultiAccountMitigation' (default = false) for private server
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Server owner for PS console servers not able to access server back end files! This string command is not able to be deactivated for passworded server accounts and no instructions given or prework done with Nitrado to give PS server owners access to disable this feature. This should have been priority with nitrado to add to server general web interface, CFGgameplay.json, or some other file to give server owner the ability to remove this feature.


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cannot reproduce when there is no way given to disable or enable given there is no access to server back end files for PS server owners!

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Ticket submitted to Nitrado to gain access to the needed file to modify the setting and access has been denied. This has made my servers unusable and therefore I have cancelled one server and have 30 days left on my original server. I will do the same with that one if this issue is not rectified immediately or removed. This is a feature for your DayZ public servers, not a feature for community servers. If community servers do not want Alt accounts on their servers they have the ability to "whitelist" and "password protect" their servers at the same time to prevent players from accessing their servers with "alt accounts". This was an unnecessary harassment and punishment to people that follow the rules and have families who play on the same networks/consoles!

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Mkookm added a subscriber: Mkookm.Wed, May 24, 5:56 AM

Same on xbox. We have traders and other stuff as server owners where we have to swap accounts to get around. This is complete by and unprofessional in my opinion for you guys to not have a way to shut it off.

will this be done ? we need option to disable this feature asap

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Well, this won't be resolved and I have cancelled one of two servers due to this issue. The exact words from Nitrado on the service ticket created to gain access to this file and string command is as follows, and I quote: "Hello

Apologies for the confusion unfortunately this parameter can only be set on PC servers.

This function is not available on console servers due to limited access to settings and files.

We appreciate your patience and comprehension on this matter.

Should you require any further assitance please let us know
Sergio Sandoval

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So there we have it! Another major foul up from Bohemia, the DayZ Developers, and Nitrado making their game unplayable for community server players/owners by the hand not knowing what it is allowed to do, while the brain and body is doing what ever it wants to without telling anyone else what it's doing. GREAT JOB BOHEMIA AND DAYZ DEVS! You've lost one server with constant players and about to lose a second if you don't rectify this immediately!

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Give us option to edit timer + it must work for priority accounts!

Each server has staff, and sometimes we need change accounts, and of course such protection helps with alt accounts, so better give us option to edit timer so each server can have own timer from 0 to 5min or 10min + each priority accounts ll log in without any timers.

When will this be fixed?

There should be a way to patch this into the server config export on the Nitrado Dashboard. If a person was to download the config file export (the one that contains server name, where you enable cfggameplay file from) they might be able to figure out a way to enable it through that file. That's the only place it could realistically go on console, unless there is a place for it in cfggameplay.json we don't know of yet.

There should be a way to patch this into the server config export on the Nitrado Dashboard. If a person was to download the config file export (the one that contains server name, where you enable cfggameplay file from) they might be able to figure out a way to enable it through that file. That's the only place it could realistically go on console, unless there is a place for it in cfggameplay.json we don't know of yet.

Not really our problem, that's a Bohemia, DayZ Dev, and Nitrado problem that they should have worked out BEFORE releasing this update. Or they should not have released it at all and told us HOW to modify it, if they didn't intend to allow people to modify it. It truly sounds like a THEM problem.

WithaReazn added a comment.EditedFri, May 26, 5:27 AM

I've added this line to the server config export through nitrado thinking it might work and achieved nothing. My files validated and worked fine, the line of code did nothing. I also tried to add it to the cfggameplay file but it doesn't belong there. It belongs in a file like serverDZ.cfg which is a file we don't have direct access to, we have access to server configuration parameters stored in a file on the Nitrado Web Interface, the file can be located as an export through the general settings of the web interface. The issue may be that the formatting is different between the two files, the traditional .cfg file reads as: 'disableMultiAccountMitigation = false'. When you export the Nitrado config file the parameters are formatted as such, instead: "nolog":"true" or "disablePersonalLight":1...

Neither of those formats agree with the format Bohemia has indicated we use to enable this parameter, and they told us to put it in a file we don't even have direct access to. Either the community isn't understanding here or someone isn't giving us enough information.

In order to add it to the config for console I imagine it would have to be in a format such as those last two I listed.

The line I initially added to the export file was 'disableMultiAccountMitigation = true'.
I tried "disableMultiAccountMitigation": "true" as well as "disableMultiAccountMitigation": 1 none of this worked. le plus prestigieux et le meilleur fournisseur de sonneries en France en 2023

Yeah, I'll place the blame directly on them and I already cancelled and pulled a full refund on one server that I had for 1 1/2 years, and I've got 30 days left on my server that I have had for longer. I fix enough of their sub par coding issues from the updates, and it's not my job to find their solution for them. You do what you think you have to do, as for me, there are other games I can play that I don't have to fix their amateur mistakes on. If they don't fix it by the end of the server subscription, I don't pay for any more server time. Pretty simple.

WithaReazn added a comment.EditedFri, May 26, 1:00 PM

Fair enough. I just started this stuff about 6 months ago. My patience are wearing pretty thin, already. It's unfortunate but it is what it is, best of luck to you! Hopefully they get it it figured out soon enough. I agree it is a ripoff plain and simple, why I still participate is beyond my understanding but I care about the community and enjoy the comradery that the game facilitates with a good group of people. It's a good game, it's just a shame it gets taken care of so poorly.

If I find a solution before a hotfix, I will post it here for you.

If I find a solution before a hotfix, I will post it here for you.

I do appreciate it. I don't want to come across as a Richard cranium, but as someone who has been encoding programs since the mid 80's, and who is coaching an elementary school world finals robotics team who programs in UTC-8, they really have zero excuse for the blatant mistakes that they make. All of this should have been encoded beta tested for more than two weeks, applied DURING the beta test for feedback, and the fix in place BEFORE the release. I know that single profile game players despise people with alts, but they seem to forget that those of us running the servers need to have characters in three to four places and accessable immediately all at once. We don't have access to zomberry like Xbox and PC (I'm not even sure Xbox has it) so we don't have admin tools to just teleport people to us or us to them, wipe their inventory or grief them. So we have to have the alts to do so and this effectively killed that. Let alone people like me who also have others who play DayZ on my system and lock me out from even my main. This has really struck a last nerve & I have little patience for Bohemia Nitrado and Dayz and their antics, and my patience is worn thin to their subpar performance on a AAA title.
It honestly feels like the more "shiny new" they release the worse this game gets. They have this small little portion of "children" that they listen to that keeps whining in their ear and they acquiesce to their demands rather than polish what they have. I just want to be able to log in and admin my server and kill the guy somebody gave the PW to that is destroying my trader shop, log out and go back to letting the other person play without a 20 minute punishment.

I have thus far not found a work around myself short of writing a whole new "if then goto" file to overwrite the server backend files (which unfortunately violates the Nitrado TOS, which I will not do) to make this thing work correctly.