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Feature Request - Character procedural animation for movement
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A must have feature for movement control.

The character will adapt its steps to the surrounding, climbing small obstacles while raising the foot appropriately, having one foot on a rock and the other on another rock, etc.. no more foot into the ground or hovering in the air (these last 2 one are just "visual" but still nice to look at in-game). They done it in Star Citizen, it makes the movement way more smooth.
We can still stumble on small rocks or small objects on the ground in Reforger, while procedural animation would make the character climb the foot on top on these small obstacles. Vaulting/climbing medium/high obstacles still requiring manual action from the player of course, but everything else where the foot as just to be raise to move on top of the obstacles should be "automated".

You got examples here :
& here :

That probably could be used for weapons maybe ? Firing from vehicles based on the seat you are, you got the firing angle without weapon colliding into the vehicle or others passengers ?
You got dynamic weapon stance adjustement in CQC over obstacle, like weapon resting on a trash can in front of you, and benefitting from that additionnal resting to reduce recoil ? Could be also weapon light resting against the wall at corners.
Weapon stance adjustement in interior, to avoid not being able to use your weapon when passing doors and looking on the side, weapons switching to hips fire if not enough room to shoulder/ironsight usage.
Weapon not raising if someone just rush into your body (it would be stop by the gun in his chest first, giving you chance to fire point blank which today is not possible because the weapon raise immediately when the player "crash" into you and you cannot shoot at all.


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Things like that, would be then impossible and the weapon would not knock into the rock.

You could also consider it for wheeled & tracked vehicle so they would not clip into the ground slightly.

Or this

This is called Foot IK and is appearently in consideration for Reforger, just not a priority as far as I've heard.