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Conflict Feedback: To improve team work, squad members should be able to see the approximate position of their Squad Leader on the map
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One of the fundamental concepts in Conflict is effective and co-operative team play. Currently this is difficult due to things like the complex learning curve for "noobs", difficulties with radio comms, lack of knowing where other squad team mates are on the map, only having 1 or 2 spawn points via backpack radios for the whole side (which may not be part of a players squad), etc

The "squads" concept in Conflict does not appear to enable the kind of squad level strategy and team work that would be desired. It seems to only enable "private" squads who can lock their squad to prevent others joining it (which is the opposite of team play).

Members of an "unlocked" squad are usually randomly distributed away from each other at different locations on the game map at different points in the game, often just doing their own things. Partly this happens because when a squad member gets lost or loses contact with their team or dies and they respawn, they have no way of easily re-establishing their physical position to be back with their "squad" (unless they happen to have a radio backpack available for their squad).

One very simple improvement that could vastly improve team play, but would not allow "cheating and abuse" and is not "unrealistic" (like allowing the player to spawn on their squad leader for example), is to simply show the location on the map of your squad leader.

It makes sense that "command HQ" would know the the approximate locations of squad leaders (but not individual soldiers). It seems reasonable to imagine a scenario where reinforcements for a squad are informed by "command HQ" of where they need to go in order to join up with their squad leader.

This gives players the optional flexibility of teaming up with their squad mates or "doing their own thing" without placing any burden on them of "having to follow orders" or "having to ask permissions" which a more rigid hierarchical team play command structure might enforce.

Squad leaders should see the location of other squad leaders on their side which would enable much better co-ordination of strategy, etc.

Additionally, the ability for a squad leader to annotate / draw on the map so that only their squad can see would help communicate strategy and plans for their squad subordinates, and similarly the Platoon leader could annotate / draw on the map so that only squad leaders can see.

This approach recoginzes a players "rank" and provides some actual game play benefit and purpose of achieving "squad leader" rank (however, players should be able to opt out of the role if they do not want the position of squad leader). It means their "earned experience" is rewarded and they can contribute more meaningfully to the strategy of winning the game without any overbearing or rigid command structure.

I think this very simple solution would add a lot to the team play aspect of Conflict, which to be honest is pretty lacking and quite haphazard at the moment.


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Nicely described the teamplay issue and the suggestion of the "not unrealistic" solution. We're going this way. The idea is to show the squad leaders positions in a certain time periods (ideally it can be configurable) as well as placing the markers into the map.

An important distinction is the difference between a “Squad Leader” and a “Team Leader”. Currently the terminology that is used in game is “Team Leader”. Individual players can create and lock their own “teams of one”. There is no real gameplay benefit of being a Team Leader.

An additional “level” of role called “Squad Leader” should be created (as outlined in my original post), such that Teams are hierarchically “parented by” Squads (i.e.. Platoon -> Squad -> Team).

Any player can choose to be a Team Leader, but the role of Squad Leader needs to be earned through expertise / rank / achievements, etc (with the possible exception of the start of the game, although previous player “career” consideration could be a potential option?)

This additional level preserves the current mode of play where players can lock their team and do their own thing, however they still belong in the hierarchy under a Squad Leader (who has no specific control over them).

As is the case now, Team Leaders should NOT appear on the map, otherwise players would setup their own single player teams just to get the “perk” of having their position marked on the map.

Additionally, it could be good to add the Squad Leader's radio frequency on the map marker to enable easier coordination with Squad Leader.

I got the current in game terminology wrong. Its actually "Group" / "Group Leader" not "Team" / "Team Leader". So what I'm proposing is that the hierarchy should be Platoon -> Squad -> Team -> Individual, where "Team" / "Team Leader" has the same functionality that "Group" / "Group Leader" has now and Teams are under a "Squad" / "Squad Leader", however, the radio frequency would be set at Squad level not Team level

Adding another note. The number of available Squads should be fixed per side according to the number of players on the team. Say 1 Squad created for every 8 players in the team. Technically, Squads should allow as many Teams as there players.

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Squad leader icons have been implemented.