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[BUG] Eden Open Mission Dialog freezes game and takes too long with modern SSD
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While i do have ~100 mission.sqm, the folder/file scanning leads to a ~5s freeze with a modern SSD
The old 2d editor is basically instant in comparison (but doesnt check subfolders).

Whats even more annoying, that it does do it each time you open the dialog (aka no caching/diff detection).
Even more it does it even within the Mission Dialog if you have subfolders and selected between them back and forth.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

From Arma discord:


Its due to description.ext/mission.sqm config loading
Have you tried opening the main menu campaigns menu with all campaigns unlocked? same thing.  Disgustingly terrible.
I don't actually know what it needs it for... What does it display in the list that needs to know whats inside the mission, maybe for the name?


No, mission name is in the folder name (e.g. My%20Mission.Stratis).


Ye we got a bit of complaints about this during SOG release. People tried to open campaign and their game crashed when it tried to parse description.ext of Editor mission which included for eg. CBA include which was not loaded...


I think KK fixed that, making include errors in description.ext not crashing
But still loading all of these is just extremely inefficient :/
Especially when not binarized (which description.ext never are)

I wanted to throw more threads at the problem, but can't because configs can execute script


I think there's a server param to skip loading additional details for the mission select screen, which really speeds it up. Maybe you could leverage whatever does that to do the same for the Editor missions list?
Yeah, SkipDescriptionParsing in server.cfg AdvancedOptions

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