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[Request] description.ext overrides for difficulty settings
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At the moment, many config items and settings can be overridden in the mission description.ext. Usually, mission config overrides server config which overrides user config.

One thing that can't be overridden right now is difficulty settings. It would be nice to be able to do that.

For example, my server typically disables third-person view via a custom difficulty profile. But if I want to enable it for a particular mission, I have to carve out an explicit exemption for that specific mission in the server config, which is a pain and not really practical. However, if I could set thirdPersonView = 1 in description.ext, there would be no problem. Potential use cases also exist for various other settings - being able to dictate difficulty settings would be great for people trying to make missions with certain kinds of atmosphere or challenges.


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NikkoJT created this task.Mon, Mar 13, 6:28 PM

Would be via sqf command not be more flexible?

Script commands would be great too, but difficulty has historically been done through config, and I don't know whether it's practical to do mid-mission changes like that. I figured config overrides were more likely to be possible to implement.