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DayZ Game Options Menu Behavior Change for HUD/Quickbar (QB)
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Previously, disabling either the HUD or QB in the game options still allowed the player to bring those UI elements up, albeit for a few seconds (like a quick-peek). They would then auto-hide after a few seconds (like the feature of Windows' autohiding task bar). This was much preferred UX to what they do now where the key bind (tilde and long-press tilde) does nothing when these are disabled. That makes it impossible to bring up those status indicators without going back into the game options and enabling them directly. While a player may be disabling those for immersion, they are still the only way to check on vitals like hunger, temperature, etc. In short, the pervious functionality was much preferred as it gave a quick way to check on those vital stats.

In short, if this change in behavior of the HUD/QB game options was an intentional design change it is not desirable compared to the old auto-hide. I suggest returning the old "auto-hide" functionality.

UPDATE: See my reply and comment. If these were a mod, I'm hoping such quick-peek/auto-hiding functionality could be added in the base game.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
21H2 (19044.2604)
Steps To Reproduce

No repro, just change in functionality that was either unintended or designed.

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Hello DaGreekGeek.
Do you have "Show quickbar" disabled in game settings? As the tilde will not work if you have that disabled.

Was the auto hide in vanilla, I thought this was a mod?
I've seen it in the past about 3 or 4 builds ago. But I thought it was a mod. I really liked that feature.

I personally like to run without my hotbar always on, but after hours I tend to forget if my pistol is on 2 or 3..
Being able to tap tilde and have my hotbar auto hide after a few moments would be nice, currently I have to tap tab and just have everything on screen.
Tab is just an easier key to quickly press twice, one less keypress and able to remain in the action instead of being distracted by "uhhgg.. hotbar is still enabled"

As for disabling in the settings. That option never made much sense to me.
Is the reasoning as to not accidentally fat finger ~ when pressing 1...

Hello DaGreekGeek.
Do you have "Show quickbar" disabled in game settings? As the tilde will not work if you have that disabled.

Yes, I do. However, that is why I logged this bug. I thought the behavior was different in the past when those were disabled.

To recap: I thought that in the past, if the HUD and/or QB were disabled in the game menu I could still use the relevant key bindings to do a "quick-peek" at either the HUD or QB and those would then autohide after a few seconds.

It's possible these were in fact a mod and I was unaware as @Nate_LapT seems to think. I was certain it was official but now I'm not so sure. I played almost exclusively on official or vanilla servers up until about 2 year ago, but when I found a hardcore survival server, Chernarus Has Fallen (CHF), I've not been on official as much. It's possible it was a mod they were using that they've dropped or that stopped working.

If it was in fact a mod, could this "bug" be made into a "Feature/Change Request"? The auto-hiding peek functionality when the HUD is disabled is nice, and as Nate notes, the only adavatnage of such a feature would appear to be avoiding accidentally hitting the key binding.

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Hello DaGreekGeek.
Autohide has never been a feature, it possibly has indeed been a mod.
I have forwarded the suggestion to the devs but currently they do not plan to include this.