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[Feature Request] Separate offset from group icon from 2d and 3d to their own parameters
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Description and allow to set an offset for x and y

offset: Array - (Optional, default [0,0]) X and Y offsets of the icon in form [offsetX, offsetY]

The problem is both set the same for 2d and 3d - while in 3d you usually want over (+y) the unit, while in 2d you want to the side (+y) to avoid overlap with the unit icon

Suggestion to extend both with optional offset2d parameter

group addGroupIcon [iconClass, offset, offset2d]
group setGroupIcon [id, icon, offset, offset2d]

And if offset2d is defined, the engine would use that value instead of offset for the 2d map drawning


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

getGroupIcon and getGroupIcons should be extended to return offset2d too if set

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Need an example script to test

@BIS_fnc_KK please check this