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M1025 car fails to start driving
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When start driving with M1025 on a not plain street and you just accelerate a little little bit (push W for half a second or just a bit), the engine fails complete, motor speed goes to zero (but you can still hear the engine) and from that the car is not accelerating anymore (just starts to roll down the hill lile dead without any brake).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • park with M1025 on a road where it goes a little bit up the hill (just not a plane road)
  • make M1025 ready to drive, D gear…
  • when accelerating press W just tiny bit for a short time (no full gas)
  • engine speed goes to zero and fail, car can only roll backwards down the road like dead
Additional Information

1.19 Stable

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It is no duplicate -> you can drive the car normal if you want and give full gas all the time (in T168075 the car does not move anymore a bit when give gas)

the bug happens (as described) only if you just push gas for a very short time (just roll on the car) when start driving in combination with not plain roads

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Resolved for 1.20 stable.