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Humvee won't drive forward until you reverse first
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1.19 Experimental: Sometimes when you get into the humvee and start the engine and put the vehicle in drive, it won't move. The only way to get it to move is to put it in reverse and drive in reverse a few feet, then switch to drive and it'll go forward.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Get in humvee, start it, put in drive, see if it moves. If not, go in reverse a bit, then try again.

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JB83 created this task.Oct 7 2022, 10:58 PM
Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Oct 10 2022, 9:40 AM

Other fixes involve turning it off and on again (seriously)

if you slam on the brakes this also locks up the car.

Sometimes just randomly it locks up.

This happens if the player exits the vehicle when it's set to Drive.

It doesn't matter if you turn the engine off first or just exit while it's still running, it'll happen either way.

Same thing happens if you exit the vehicle while it's set to Reverse, when you enter it again and try to Reverse the vehicle will not move, however if you then swap to Drive it will work.

At least in that regard it's easily reproducible, but like Nate said it also seems to happen in other situations when driving, although that was pretty rare in my experience.

Rare being in the past 4 hours I played it happened at least 8 times.

Just now while trying to hide my humvee in some trees I had to kill the engine turn the wheels and restart it at least twice.

Almost everytime the vehicle is on an incline more than 1%

I can confirm this is a issue across all automatic vehicles in DayZ even if you mod a automatic vehicle into it, same issue. Now I have made a report here too regarding this with a bit more information about it

After having my humvee stall out while trying to go between a couple trees then slide down hill and being trapped by 2 stumps and another set of trees.
This needs changed to MAJOR issue!

I spent an hour trying to save the Humvee but it's a lost cause, I wouldn't be surprised if it exploded on restart from being on top of the stump.

hope all the Automatic-Bugs happen in all the different combinations of gear, start/stop, at hills/plain road parking get fixed soon

don‘t wanna let the engine run all the time in N when leaving the car (because that’s the only way you will have no problems in any case)

also Greta is not happy about all the CO² :-(