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CSLA vehicles don't allow lateral head movement
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Part of Arma 3's headlook system is the ability to move the head laterally, in addition to the usual rotation, when in a non-FFV seat in a vehicle. This ability is controlled by the "Move Head Left"/"Up"/"Right"/"Down"/"Forward"/"Back" keybindings in the View section. In vanilla vehicles this works perfectly. In CSLA vehicles (apparently all of them) these keybinds do nothing at all - the player's head cannot be moved laterally.

This is important when flying aircraft in first-person. For example, the An-2 cockpit is designed for the pilot to use its "bulged" shape to look forward past the side of the engine cowling - but without lateral head movement, the pilot can't see forwards through the side windows. The same applies to the Mi-24, which has a bulbous cockpit intended to let the pilot peer over the side of the main hull in order to see downwards, which is also not possible without lateral head movement.

It's also a generally convenient ability to have in other vehicles, but aircraft are where it really makes itself useful. It's very difficult to land the An-2 and Mi-24 when you can't see below or in front of you.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place an An-2, an Mi-24, a Humvee M60, and an A-164, an Mi-48 Kajman, and a Prowler HMG. Also place a man to play as. (This is a representative sample - it applies to all vehicles)
Check your controls settings to make sure the Move Head bindings in the View section are set up properly.

Start the mission and get into various seats in each of the vehicles (apart from the FFV passenger seats in the Prowler). In each case, test the Move Head controls in first-person view. Note that in the vanilla vehicles, you can move your head laterally, while in the CSLA vehicles, nothing happens when you press the buttons.

For some bonus fun, try landing the An-2 in first-person.

Additional Information

I'm pretty sure this is a config thing, controlled by the maxMoveX/Y/Z and minMoveX/Y/Z values in the vehicle's ViewGunner and ViewPilot subclasses. For CSLA vehicles these are usually not defined, and so presumably treated as 0.

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Thank you for the report, we'll look into it.