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Reservoir Still Has a Bad Bug
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Hey guys.

Previously there was an issue with the Land_Underground_WaterReservoir where the water was set to 0.0.0 A hotfix was released to fix this issue. Which it has done. The water now rotates with the object.

The issue is now is as if the game doesn't realise there's been a change. Its as if it hasn't changed. Like it just looks like the water now rotates with the object but really it doesn't. I have attached a short video showing what i mean. This makes it impossible to get to the broken ladder side. as it just throws you to the bottom of the tunnels. . As soon as you alter the orientation of the Land_Underground_WaterReservoir it messes up the water because it acts like it stays at 0.0.0 but visually it rotates with the Land_Underground_WaterReservoir.

This is with spawning through events and also through .json via the editor. If you just want the Land_Underground_WaterReservoir at default configuration then everything is fine and it works but as soon as you rotate it the water doesn't work properly.


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Windows 7
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