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Out of ammo AI controlled commander gun breaking AI controlled coaxial gun
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When an AI controlled commander's gun on a tank runs out of ammo, it causes the AI controlled coaxial gun to have a magazine reload cooldown after every few rounds fired rather than just when it's supposed to load the next mag. So until you refill the commander's gun's ammo (or get the AI out of the com seat), this essentially removes the coaxial from being properly used by the AI since it turns it into a slow, one-three shot weapon. Vehicles with low amounts of ammo for their commander's gun (such as the T-100) suffer particularly from this as they're far more likely to run out of com gun ammo while in combat (thus also removing their other primary anti-infantry weapon).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 11, Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Steps To Reproduce
Get a tank with a commander's gun (a T-100 is a good example due to its low ammo count), ensure AI are manning the gunner and commander seat, get in the driver's seat

Select the coaxial gun for your AI in the gunner seat to use

Exhaust all the ammo in the commander weapon (you can have the AI do this or do it yourself before the next step)

Tell your AI in the gunner seat engage targets with their coaxial weapon while an AI is in the commander's seat

Observe the results

Move yourself into the Commander's seat/get the AI currently occupying it to jump out

Observe the results (the coaxial gun will begin working again)
Additional Information

Investigation of prior tickets here shows that this may have been an issue from as far back as 2016 (note how they describe the same behavior, although with an incorrect method of reproduction, causing previous staff to dismiss it). I've also observed this same issue with a wide variety of modded tanks, which leads me to believe that this might be a more in depth engine/AI related issue rather than just a specific issue(s) with unit configs.

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We have this bug as well for many years, i think there is related ticket on here but wasn't filled out correctly

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