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Coaxial MG useless after reloading.
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Issue easiest to reproduce manly on modded content, beacuse of smaller MG magazines. Problem looks like this :
I'm firing coaxial MG, magazines gets empty, staring to reload it, in meanwhile using cannon (auto reloading after shot), and now, after Coax. and cannon are reloaded i can shoot only few *2-3) rounds from MG, and MG reloading keeps repeating endlessly. Everytime after issue appear MG is reloading after few rounds, no way to use it normally.


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Steps To Reproduce

BEST to reproduce it, is to use RHS mod.

  • Use any tank, be the gunner.
  • Empty all coaxial mg magazine.
  • While coax is reloading fire the cannon.
  • Try to use coaxial <<<<<< There should be issue.

If this repor step will not work, repeat it with diferent order - use cannon, then reload MG, etc. It will trigger bug.

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As long as this problem only occurs with non-official content (e.g. RHS), the developers of Arma 3 can't do much about it.

The development team of RHS is responsible for issues like that.

Please check the issue again with the vanilla content (no modifications activated).

Best regards

Additionally FFV(Firing from Vehicles) is the wrong topic Please consider that when editing.

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You may ask those guys :

They sad its "Arma bug" and thats all. Maybe they have more info.

It happen often when there is smaller MG mags. Try to set 6 rounds (MG ammo belt)left in tanks before starting repro step.

Koala added a comment.Feb 6 2016, 3:51 PM

I was not able to reproduce that issue with the vanilla tanks (no modifications activated).

As a gunner I emptied one magazine of MG ammunition with all available tanks. Once the reload process started, I switched to the cannon and fired some rounds. I switched back to the MG and was able to empty the whole MG magazine again without any problems (no looped reload processes)

This seems to be clearly a bug of the RHS modification (or caused by another modification that is used at the same time).

If you carefully read the ticket in the RHS feedback tracker, the ticket author mentioned following additional information: "So far i didnt tested vanilla, but i know how it will end [...]"

TutSi added a comment.Feb 7 2016, 2:36 PM

OK, thanks for time spented, we eliminated Vanilla version of this bug at least, thanks again.