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Misaligned item hitboxes when in characters hands.
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WOBO released this brilliant video talking about how items inside of a characters hands have misaligned hitboxes.

Check out the video here >

Some feedback on this issue:

I would honestly like to see the devs properly align the hitboxes for these items.
I think it could honestly be a really cool part of the game to have items in a characters hands be vulnerable to damage.
Weapons could block bullets in a firefight, saving the character from being hit but causing the weapon to become damaged or ruined, making it jam more often.
You could shoot grenades out of someone's hand
Scopes attached to weapons could get cracked during a fight, imagine fighting someone and hearing the glass on your scope shattering as a sniper shot smashes it.
You could even use this mechanic tactically in certain situations, for example if you can see the barrel of somebodies gun poking around the corner, you can actually try to land that difficult shot and damage the weapon in order to sway the fight in your favour.

Definitely some potential here for a cool feature imo


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I was about to create the ticket! You were faster, Mike. Thank you! Now that Wobo has enlightened all of us, I personally think that it is a big issue, and this probably explains why sometimes the shot didn't seem to have any effect. I think everyone that has played DayZ for a while has experienced it. Devs, these hit boxes need to be aligned!

its very interesting! I wish the hitboxes was aligned so much potential

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Hello everyone.
The problem has been resolved for the 1.20 update.

Legendary Geez! 1.20 is shaping up nicely already