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Cars are WAYYYYYYY too slippery
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The first experimental release was amazing, the cars gripped the road and were SO MUCH FUN to drive. NOW... its hell. Its fun when i dont have to turn, but the moment i need to touch A or D im spinning into a tree, or a lake, or a field. Please increase vehicle traction, this is just hell. I've crashed like 50 times in a matter of a couple hours.


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Windows 10 x64
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Drive a car, and turn left or right.

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mxratt created this task.Oct 19 2022, 4:14 PM
Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Oct 20 2022, 10:35 AM

I second this ^ I played a lot yesterday on a modded server, 80/80 players with smooth performance. The stability of the cars is great, not any major bugs or issues in that regard. However the handling on the vehicles atm is a pretty major let down. They slide out very often, turning the vehicle feels like you are trying to turn it on black ice. It forces you to drive them very very slowly which is a shame because they accelerate so much faster now, they could be so much fun with some handling changes. I would suggest to increase the traction and grip overall, make turning much more viable ( like how it felt in 1.18 ) and the cars will be pretty much perfect now.

They intended that the faster you go in a car, the smaller your steering angle is and the slower you go the bigger the steering angle is, just like IRL.

I do get though that in the 1st gear of many cars, wheels just do not grip to the road at all and take a moment sometimes to grip causing a loss of traction for a moment

Yea I get the intent, but playing it yourself you can feel that its not really realistic or fun atm

Yea I get the intent, but playing it yourself you can feel that its not really realistic or fun atm

want to see a car driving like IRL watch a gameplay of forza morteport 7

nice that the cars are harder to turn, but they seem to always drive on the wet track, it seems that there is a delay to turn the car I don't know it's still a little strange, but it has improved a lot compared to before.