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1.19 Balance of repairing damages items
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Hey guys, so first off I think the 1.19 changes in regards to spawning more items in a damages / badly damaged state is good. It adds a bit more variety and survival feeling to the game. I do however think that because of these changes, you guys should revisit how many materials are needed to repair certain items. For example, damaged ammo still takes a very large chunk of a weapon cleaning kit in order to repair it, even if it is only 1 or 2 rounds. Things like ammo and magazines should take very small amounts away from cleaning kits imo whereas weapons should of course take larger hits (like they already do). Loving the update, Geez is doing a great job on the feedback tracker here too. Cheers guys


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Maybe like small size arms (pistols, attachements, ammo, mags), middle size arms (MPs), normal size arms (rifles)

And pls make all itmes repairable. To name a few: Alarm clock, handgreandes, car parts (with the new blowtorch),...

I agree 1.19 is really good and all the damage items are great but as stated above I think smaller items like ammo, mags and attachments should not use the same amount as cleaning a hole weapon. it’s a bit disappointing when cleaning 1 badly damaged magazine or stack of ammo takes half of a weapon cleaning kit. Love the direction you’s are taking 1.19 keep up the great work

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