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[Request] Getter for disableNVGEquipment and disableTIEquipment
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At the moment you can disable a vehicle's NV or TI equipment with commands, but you can't check to see whether that's already been done.

In my case, I want my system to disable TI under x circumstances, and then re-enable it later. However, some other system might have previously disabled TI, e.g. for balance reasons, and if my system re-enables it, something that shouldn't have TI now does have it. If I could check the vehicle's TI state at the beginning, I could save it and choose not to re-enable it. Unfortunately, without a getter command, I just have to hope for the best.


NVGEquipmentDisabled _vehicle; // true if disabled, false if enabled
TIEquipmentDisabled _vehicle; // true if disabled, false if enabled

You could also reverse it:

NVGEquipmentEnabled _vehicle; // true if enabled, false if disabled
TIEquipmentEnabled _vehicle; // true if enabled, false if disabled


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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This command was added in 2.12 and is fully functional.

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