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NW airfield
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Was running out of NW AIRFIELD, fell through the map logged out and started out as a new spawn! Fix this please DAYZ I want my stuff and character back


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Game Crash

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DAYZ I want my stuff and character back

You posted this under the Arma 3 tag, i'll move you to the right section.

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Hello Kylejjohns.
Can you describe more in detail how did you fall under the map? Was this in a specific spot/near specific object?

I was running towards a downed chopper. That was outside Airfield. I don't really remember the exact location on the airfield since I'm still pretty new to the game. I'm just upset because I had a ghille suit that I never put on my guy, cause when I started falling a zombie started hitting me and there was no way for me to defend myself.
If anything a way to get it back or as it was time consuming to fine all that was needed for it.

When you fell through the map, everything what white and you were still conscious?

@Kylejjohns since you say you're new to the game.
The bug sucks..

But a little advice, gear fear is the worst enemy in the game. You probably would have been sniped soon at the air field anyways.

99% of servers will never restore lost loot whether it's from a bug or not.
There are hundreds of bugs in the game, especially on modded maps.
The core fun of the game is live, make a friend, explore and maybe kill, die, retry.

Falling through the map is a pretty big bug and if you have any details to help the devs that helps improve the game.

Ex. "While running from the heli zeds I tried to get on the propellers but was knocked out right as I started to climb, which glitched me into the map and when I woke everything was white around me, I could see the heli above and hear the zeds trying to find me"

Details like that will help fix this.

Good luck, and have great adventures.