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[dedicated server] once a player leaves a turret, it becomes permanently bugged
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the FIRST gunner to use a turret (fixed MG, HMMV M2, or BTR) can fire, reload, and use the weapon without issues.
once the gunner gets out of the turret, it becomes bugged, both for that gunner and for other players that man the turret.
a bugged turret may either:

  1. appear to be firing normally on the gunner's local machine, but other players do not see or hear it firing, nor does it it damage AI; or alternatively
  2. simply fail to fire entirely despite being reloaded and having full magazines in its inventory


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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mbamg added a subscriber: mbamg.Jul 4 2022, 9:04 PM
mbamg added a comment.EditedJul 4 2022, 9:07 PM

This seems to be straying into the territory of undefined behaviour:

  1. Empty magazine/box completely after firing one round following a reload
  1. Empty magazine/box of other turret weapon completely after emptying magazine/box of current turret weapon
Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jul 11 2022, 10:50 PM

bug is still present in

additional testing: if one player (and only that player) uses a turret he can leave and return and the turret will still work.

however, as soon as a second player mounts and tries to use the turret, it will not work for that second player, nor can the first player or anyone else use the turret from then on.

note also that the turret that once bugged, the turret may still appear to be working clientside, but the only the client sees the shots, and they do not register on the server or other clients.