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BehaviourHLInfectedPack - documentation or at least example
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BehaviourHLInfectedPack is only class which have possible set waypoints to get at least some control over AI from scripts.

But when try setup Infected with this behaviour, they still stay in CALM state and not change mindstate to alerted or chase.

Please provide some AI documentation (for config.cpp) for class BehaviourHLInfectedPack or at least some example config.

Not sure which way this old mod get his config.cpp:

Is very painful try understand how that works without any documentation or example config.


Operating System
Windows 7

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also will be very useful that this class

class BehaviourGroupInfectedPack : AIGroupBehaviour
    Group waypoints initialization
    /param     [in]     waypointDefaultIndex         Starting waypoint. Index to array of waypoints specified by waypointParams. Acceptable range is [0, waypointParams.Count() - 1]
    /param     [in]    forwardDirection            Waypoints traverse order.
    /param     [in]    loop                        Specifies what happens after last waypoint is reached. true - cycle waypoints, false - patrol waypoints
    proto native void SetWaypoints(array<ref BehaviourGroupInfectedPackWaypointParams> waypointParams, int waypointDefaultIndex, bool forwardDirection, bool loop);

    proto native void SetWaypointsTraverseDirection(bool forwardDirection);
    proto native void SetWaypointsLoop(bool loop);
    proto native void SetCurrentWaypoint(int waypointIndex);

will be created at least for BehaviourPredator too

setting waypoints is for me very powerful way howto control my dog

Example of my usecase. As you see dog can using waypoints patrol 20m before player, or when set waypoint next to player he can run close to player.

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