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DayZ Character Customisation - Locking gender for randomised character
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As the title says. I like to let the character roll randomly to not get bored of always having the same character, but I don't particularly enjoy playing as female, since I am male after all. It's not a misogynist or transphobe thing, I just find it immersion breaking when a male character speaks with a female voice and the other way around.

So: Add an option to lock gender when randomising a character so it can only pick from either the male characters, the female or both depending on what the player sets it for. Default could be as today, but being able to lock gender would be a nice addition.


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Beavis created this task.Jun 16 2022, 12:37 PM
lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Jun 16 2022, 1:27 PM

Seeing as the word gender no longer has any connection to biological sex, now being merely something you identify as in any particular moment, all the characters are any of the 75+ (and counting) genders you want them to be... i guess?

I would simply like to be able to play with the same customised character i saved in the previous session, each and every time i load up the game, rather than have to create it over and over again or just play as random despite choosing the custom option... but saving a single custom character seems too much for the devs on console let alone only randomising characters of just one biological sex.

Don't know about the situation on console, but for customised characters to apply the server needs to allow this, if the server enforces randomisation you'll get a random character whether you want it or not. And I wonder if your customised character somehow gets reset or overwritten when this happens. It's not very intuitive the way it is designed on PC either...

As for the identifying as this or that I don't see how that would be relevant, all I want is the option to lock gender if I want to. So, even if the server enforces randomisation you will at least get the gender you want, if you want it that way.