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OpticSwitch eventhandler doesn't fire when aiming is blocked by an animation
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Arma by default will block the ability to aim with certain animations, but when the animation is changed/completed such as going from sprinting to a stop, the previous aim state change request is put into action and the player will begin aiming.
In these instances the opticSwitch eventhandler will not fire, neither when the right click is initiated nor when the transition to aiming begins after the character stopped.

It not firing when the right click occurs during the sprint animation is fine and correct but ideally the eventhandler should fire later when the aiming transition occurs when the character stops.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a unit down in 3den and add the eventhandler. IE:
this addeventhandler ["OpticsSwitch",{systemchat str(_this}];
  1. Load into editor preview
  2. Start sprinting and attempt to aim down sights
  3. note that the eventhandler doesn't fire, stop sprinting and you will begin aiming and the eventhandler still doesn't fire.
  4. exit ADS and the eventhandler will fire

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Fixed in Rev. 149403