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DayZ Exp | Bug with containers and cars
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When you open the trunk, or the barrel, its contents are not displayed - it will be closed.
It is corrected if you move away to a distance at which the display of the car inventory disappears, then open the tab and return. Then everything will be displayed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find the car/barrel and open the trunk/lid.
  2. See what is not working.
  3. Step away from the car and press tab
  4. return to the machine and it will be displayed correctly.

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These steps are reproducable on several inventories as long as they are different types. IE: Barrel green and Barrel Red don't work (both are barrels) but barrel green and ADA boot inventory, does.

  • Go up to an object with inventory and look at it in Vacinity
  • Open the object (lid, boot etc)
  • Note there is no inventory to show.
  • Go to another object with inventory and look at it with Vacinity
  • See object has inventory slots
  • Go back to initial object and see it now also has inventory slots.
  • Close object (boot/lid)
  • Look at it in inventory
  • Open object
  • Bug has reappeared till you look at something else with inventory.