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Animations of flags (owned by an occupant) on vehicles stop when viewed in first person from within.
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If you view a flag in first person that is attached to your vehicle because it is owned by one of its occupants its animation stops and it returns into its default position. Once you switch back to third person or leave the vehicle the flag animations starts again.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a flag and use the setFlagOwner-command to give ownership of the flag to a unit.
  2. Enter a vehicle which allows you to see the flag in first person from within (e.g. MB 4WD, Offroad, Prowler, Qilin or any boat) together with that unit.
  3. Go into first person view and look at the flag attached to the vehicle.
Additional Information

In most vehicles this behaviour is not apparent since for most vehicles it is impossible to see the flag from within when in first person but particularly in MB 4WDs and Offroads is extremely noticeable since the flag is positioned right in the field of view of the gunner.

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should be fixed in 149374

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should be fixed in 149374

Ok, thanks.