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[Expie v1.17.154657] Mushroom and Fruit events seem to be broken
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When spending a lot of time in any particular area, usually Fruits and Mushrooms appear next to Trees and Haybales respectively.

We have done a controlled test on Stable and Expie.

On stable, in the same area, fruits and mushrooms are spawning in within 10 minutes.

On Experimental, we have stayed in a known spawn area for over an hour (through a night cycle too) and none have spawned.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  • Go to an area which spawns fruit and mushrooms (We used Pusta in our tests)
  • Stay in the area for an extended period of time
  • Observe lack of Mushrooms and Fruit in the usual places.
  • Recreate the same on a stable server and see many spawns in the same timeframe.
Additional Information

Recrated on a Local LAN server and on Spaggies Expie Server - Hosted by Jack

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mrdarn created this task.Mar 26 2022, 2:42 PM

The mapgroupproto.xml from 1.16 --> 1.17 seems to have a suspiciously large number of changes, including the following bit which is normally at the top of the file is now missing:

				<default name="group" lootmax="6" />
				<default name="container" lootmax="4" />
				<default name="keepInvalidPoints" enabled="yes" />
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryApple" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryStones" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryConiferous" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryDeciduous" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryHumus" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryPear" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryPlum" width="12" height="12"/>
				<default name="clusterMatrix" de="TrajectoryStumps" width="12" height="12"/>

Could be related to the issue?

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Mar 28 2022, 10:48 AM

Can confirm this is happening on my test server as well.

The log shows that the Trajectory Spawner is running, but in fact - stones, fruits, mushrooms, etc.. are not spawning.

[31] TrajectoryApple
Primary Spawner: "Trajectory", active: yes, repeat: 1
[32] TrajectoryConiferous

DayZ Experimental