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Bug ARMA 3
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Good afternoon! I've been having problems with the game whenever I start playing the image is slow and gets worse whenever I enter combat. When I load the map and drag the camera, it does not follow the arrow in the same time.
My notebook is a lenovo legion y520.


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Windows 10 x64

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Tenshi added a subscriber: Tenshi.Mar 11 2022, 11:27 AM

Hello, sounds like your pc has trouble running the game.
Have you tried setting videosetting to Auto detect? that way the game should be optimized for your pc.

Hello! I always play Arma whit this Notebook (lenovo legion y520 gaming) and no problems but in a week a go he start whit this problems. I don't know what to do.

You can download legacy 2.06 from steam and see if the problem exists to help to debug the cause

can you show me a print where i click to download legacy 2.06?

Read this page.
The code for legacy 2.06 is: Arma3Legacy206

sorry but for me this is chinese. Is more easy if I see photos!

Just right click Arma 3 in steam> properties > Betas > fill in Arma3Legacy206 where it says code.