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RestApi / cURL Extend Capabilities
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Expand capabilities of RestApi.c. Support for custom headers per request and support all http verbs.

The current curl implementation in dayz does not support all http verbs, such as PUT, PATCH, and DELTE. Which makes it difficult to implement CRUD based REST API's. Also some api's require custom headers to specific endpoints, like an Authorization header, and we only have access to modify the Content-Type header, a wrapped array for custom headers would be nice to pass per request.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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I'm adding an additional request in light of the task getting assigned. Being able to support SSE (Server Sent Events) to "mimic" a websocket in a way, that way we have an actively live connection to receive text data without polling. This would require libcurl to be set to disable the buffer for the specified context. I'm unsure how this would be handled from engine to script, as there would need to be native event to push the newly streamed text content to the rest callback. This isn't a highly priority, but a quality of life, and adds to the capabilities of being able to receive data without polling. I would be grateful to hear feedback on this specific request from the team and if it would be too much of a hassle to implement than what it's worth, and if it would cause any breaking changes for restapi implementations used in mods currently.

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