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Foliage smoothing is pixelated
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  • pic credits to ProThinkCom from reddit

Foliage smoothing has an issue where it looks like it's has a certain pattern to it on AMD only (not sure if it's AMD only) GPUs?

Happening on 2 different setups with 2 different AMD GPUS:

  • 3700x CPU, AMD 6700 XT GPU and 2x8 gigs 3200 ram - ProThinkCom's setup
  • 2600x CPU, AMD RX580 4GB GPU and 2x8 gigs 3000 ram - my setup

Might be a tad hard to see on the images because it's just a small snippet of the screenshot, but it affects the whole scene.

I don't know if that's just how it is, or is it just a bug on AMD GPUs, maybe it affects Nvidia GPUs but I don't know, so far only AMD users reported it.
It's not a big deal but I've seen few people asking about it so it would be nice if that issue in DayZ's engine (Enfusion?) could be ironed out.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have an AMD GPU (not sure about Nvidia)
  2. Turn on "hardware anti-aliasing" to any setting
  3. Turn on "Foliage smoothing"
  1. Look around and pay attention to the foliage. Trees, bushes, grass, all of those produce pixelization.

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yes, there is such a problem
made 2 threads about this
here and on the dayz forum, I hope they will pay attention to this and fix this terrible graphics - so same need to write in the AMD error report about bad graphics, because perhaps this is a problem in the amd driver

Have the same issue, and has been around for a while, would be nice if they fixed

I don't like how dayz works on AMD graphics cards at all and for 2 years of using 5700 xt, I ate my fill of the terrible work of the video card in the game dayz

at the moment there are 3 problems that I see:

  1. The graphics are terrible - these are pixels on the grass, doors, bushes
  1. Antialiasing it is terrible my 5700 xt sapphire barely pulls high antialiasing - after fixing lags in cities even if you put low anti-aliasing and look at the forest area through the scope, it will be 50 fps or less yes, in the cities of lags, there is no longer this, I waited 2 years, but now they appeared in a forest area ... as a result, my video card no longer pulls high anti-aliasing and this is nonsense

3.the shadows are terrible - when you run especially through the forest and see how the shadows flicker, this is a terrible picture

Dayz developers or AMD driver developers should tackle this problem with AMD video cards once and for all for dayz, because only because of these problems that are not fixed, I will never use AMD cards for games again and 5700 xt sapphire is my last video card

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It's been like that for two years now, it's disgusting to play.
I understand that it is possible to turn off anti-aliasing of the foliage, but then the textures of the trees and grass are terrible. I wrote to both developers and AMD, but no result. If corrected, it will be a miracle.