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createDisplay doesn't behave as it should on the latest perf branch
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Usually if you create a dialog using createDialog then execute the following:

findDisplay 46 createDisplay 'SomeDisplay'

The display appears on top of the previously created dialog without the dialog disapearing, giving the effect of stacking windows.
On the latest perf branch, this is no longer the case and when executing the same example as above, the display appears UNDER the dialog. I know for my own projects this is causing issues and there are other projects that use the same technique for warning messages, inputs etc.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

Using the test mission provided:

  1. Run the mission
  2. Use the "Create Dialog" scroll wheel action attached to the player
  3. Click the "Create Display" button

The above will display differently depending on whether you are on live or perf branch.

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We could confirm the issue, thank you for the report.
We will see what we can do to resolve the issue

Should be fixed in 148602

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The fact that you can create display over dialog is wrong but it breaks backward compatibility if changed. The correct way is for dialog to appear on top of display, and it will be possible with alt syntax

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