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DayZ 1.15 hit indicator feedback
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Just some feedback about the new "hit indicator" from 1.15, so far I've seen mixed response, some people like it but most people I've spoke to in the community so far hate it. Personally I've been playing dayz for years now and I think this feature is a bad one, it shouldn't be in the game. However if the devs feel it is necessary to have it included I would say that it atleast needs some changes to be made. So the first problem is that it looks pretty "gamey" or "arcadey", its not a very believable effect and I think its because of the effect being a big bright blood stain inside the characters eyes instead of just a sort of red flash effect or something along those lines. Another thing is that the effect is very small, so it gives away A LOT of information, it basically reveals the exact angle which you were shot from, which just shouldn't be the case. The indicator should be much wider and more transparent just to give a general glimpse of if you are being shot from the left or right, front or back etc etc instead of having it shout EXACTLY where it came from.


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