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The small bug: Camping Lamp is indestructible.
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Along with other light sources in Arma3, the Camping lamp is indestructible, while other lamps can be destroyed.

Video example

Lamp located in the - Eden editor/Props/Things/Lamps/Camping Lantern (Land_Camping_Light_F) and Eden editor/Props/Things/Lamps/Camping Lantern (Off) (Land_Camping_Light_off_F)
This is the only lamp suitable for the civilian interior, which i was able to find, but it is indestructible.
I would like to create the likelihood of destroying such a lamp in a night mission, but that's the problem. Please make it a destructible object like all other lamps in the game.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Eden Editor

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In the 1st Apex Protocol mission, the devs created a function that solves this indestructible lamp
Here is an example mission:

this function also works on other ↓↓vanilla objects↓↓, I added them to the mission so that you can explore them

Thank you, @TRAGER I will try! Still, I hope that this will be fixed in the game.

mickeymen added a comment.EditedNov 4 2021, 12:34 AM

@TRAGER I want to thank you again!

I checked your mission and saw that the lamp breaks and other objects have damage effects, it's a pity that they do not have physics, they do not react to bullets as they should, but this is the Arma3 engine


Finally, I tried to use the script you gave in my mission and I noticed that after the lamp was destroyed, it could be turned on again!
Such "destruction" of electronics looks ridiculous, the script simply turns it off, while any player can turn it on again.
After all these puzzles, I want even more to be fixed in the game itself, BIS please fix it!

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