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1.14 Experimental - Bird and cricket ambient sounds are audible in contaminated zones
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You can still hear the ambient bird calls and crickets chirping when you are in a contaminated zone. I think it would make more sense for those sounds to stop when you enter a contaminated zone since every creature that isn't wearing a gas mask should be dead.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter contaminated zone in DayZ 1.14
  2. Hear bird calls and cricket chirps (in addition to the "contaminated" noise)

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tjensen created this task.Sep 8 2021, 3:40 AM

I agree completely. It's a relatively small addition, but the psychological effects to the player it would cause would be well worth it.

The biggest supporting evidence for this I can think of is in years past: Back when there was an occasional bug with winds and environmental sounds, occasionally there were moments when there would be no wind or sounds of birds and insects. That unnatural silence consistently creeped the hell out of players, both new and old.

Now take that unnatural silence and add to it the stress of being inside a toxic cloud of gas, with only a thin plastic NBC suit to protect you and a gas mask filter rapidly wearing out with each passing second, and I think you'll easily see the value of this addition.

I strongly support this. Small but important detail to add tension and immersion when in this toxic zones.