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Enhancement Request: Accept a STRING (hiddenSelection name) as the first argument of setObjectTexture/setObjectTextureGlobal and material equivalents
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Right now, setting a texture for a hidden selection requires the index of the texture in the hiddenSelections[] array. This means that if the array ever changes, all scripts using this function run the risk of breaking.

It would therefore be helpful if the selectionNumber could be a NUMBER or a STRING, with the STRING being the name of the hidden selection instead of the index.

For example:

object setObjectTextureGlobal["camo", "\path\to\texture_co.paa"];

would always work as expected.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

The command would be ignored if the given string is not part of the hiddenselection array.

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Thank you for requesting the feature.
Due to the current phase of Live Ops development in Arma 3, we cannot commit to any new features, though we will try to consider them.

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Done in 2.10