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Status Access Violation
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I seem to have this issue pop up every week. At this point I have tried all the workarounds I know about. Im wondering if you guys can help me solve it as nothing seems to be working this time. The error usually pops up 30 seconds after loading into the game, in any game mode. It happens with or without mods turned on. (UPDATE) I have managed to reduce the amount of errors by using a microsoft standard account instead of an Admin account on top of all the other fixes I have tried. New Report is much shorter but to the best of my knowledge it does not show what causes the violation.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
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Load in and can play for maybe about 2 minutes before it crashes.

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Can I get some eyes on this crash report so somebody can tell me what keeps giving me this error?

If you read my original post, I have tried everything under the sun aside from a full system restore..

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Can I get some eyes on this crash report

Well.. the crash report..

15:40:50 Shutdown normally

Says everything is perfectly fine.

How can that be if it crashes haha. What additional info do you need? I can post earlier crash reports that have more errors.

Shutdown normally

happens when Arma process is closed by 3rd party, the user or another process

Version: 2.04.147719

Any chance for a fresh report?