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Arms then Head shots.
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When we manage to hit players in the head but the bullet's go into the hands or arms first.

When a player is wearing the high end tier helmets that have 75% resistance and get hit in the arms first before the bullets hit the head/helmet,
then the player will survive and go uncon.
Now that might be something you guys wanted out of this new system but... Double B95 bullets into the head and the player survives.

I have made a video where I hit the player with a 7.62x54 bullet from a Mosin, hits the arm and then head. The balaclava is ruined, helmet is worn and the player is uncon for 5-10 sec with 29 health left.
Then I did the same thing with double Blaze(2x .308) and the same thing happens, the balaclava is ruined and the player has 10 health left.

The Arms resistance is clearly continued over towards the helmets 75% resistance so it stacks and therefor the player manages to survive.

This is also happens when we hit arms/hands then platecarriers/pressvests, the resistance stacks and players get less injured.

Here is the video :


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Hit arms/hands before head with helmet.

Additional Information

This applies to all arm/hands hits before hitting anything else.

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Hello Digiblast.
Currently we do not see any issue with this. The damage is reduced since the arm was hit first.

I used to hope for a double arm/hands them torso shot's hit before the changes, now the steel arm's are a tanking luck meta.

So basically when we get a satisfied well earned head shot hits, we need to pray to the dayz gods that the guy's don't catch the bullet with their hands?

A perfect hit with mosin. The guy walks away.

NAyRAM added a comment.EditedAug 11 2021, 4:01 PM

Hello Digiblast.
Currently we do not see any issue with this. The damage is reduced since the arm was hit first.

Hello Geez,
It does make sense that the damage should be reduced because it hit the arm 1st. But wouldn't that make the double shot on the blaze pointless?
If 2 players shoot someone at the same time in the arm and head, the player will die. If you use double shot on a blaze he goes unconscious.

Like you can see in the video, he shoots the player in the arm-head and gets him down to ~30health so the damage dealt was 70 points. With the double shot the player goes down to 10 health so it was 90 points, shouldn't it be a total of 140 since it's 2 bullets?

As from what is being shown here the double shot is just a waste of a bullet.
I can shoot someone in the head once to get them down and then shoot them again in the head when they're down and waste only 2 bullets.
If I use double shot I'll use 2 bullets, and then 1 more to kill him.

I hate using the numbers to explain things but I had to in order to get my message across.

Imo single shot to the arm-head should make you go uncon but double shot should not have the same outcome, and should kill you.


I just did a test with the single blaze into the arm and head.. The player goes uncon, has one bleed and has around 34 health left.

So why does a double blaze shot not kill? Why does it only leave you with one cut.
It kills if I use the blaze two times on single mode.