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Blood transfusion issue
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We discovered an issue with blood transfusions.

If the recipient is treated with their own blood type,

A+ to A+
A- to A-
B+ to B+
B- to B-
AB+ to AB+
AB- to AB-
0+ to 0+
0- to 0-

everything works as expected. The recipient immediately restores the blood amount which the blood bag contains.

If the recipient is treated with the universal blood type (0-),

0- to A+
0- to A-
0- to B+
0- to B-
0- to AB+
0- to AB-
0- to 0+

the recipient won't restore any blood, no faster blood regeneration, nothing happens.

I don't think this is intended, if I know right this worked in earlier versions just like treating someone with their own blood type.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Filling a blood bag with blood from a universal donor with blood type 0-
  2. Combining the blood bag with an IV-kit
  3. Treating someone with a blood type other than 0- with the IV-blood bag (containing 0-)
  4. Nothing happens

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iAndy created this task.Jul 1 2021, 6:36 PM
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iAndy added a comment.Jul 26 2021, 2:17 PM

Looks like it was fixes in 1.13.