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Virtual Arsenal does not save secondary muzzle magazines
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Virtual Arsenal does not save secondary muzzle (e.g. grenade launcher) magazines.

The format of bis_fnc_saveInventory_data does not appear to support this. Either a primary muzzle magazine is saved or the secondary muzzle magazine is saved. Both cannot be saved.

This causes loadouts using primary weapons with underbarrel attachments (e.g. grenade launchers, shotguns) to load without a magazine loaded. This is frustrating to players that create grenadier loadouts as they typically assume their grenade launcher is loaded and may attempt to use the grenade launcher in combat, only to find it is unloaded.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. In Virtual Arsenal, create a loadout using a primary weapon with a grenade launcher (e.g. arifle_MX_GL_F) ensuring that the grenade launcher is loaded
  2. Save the loadout
  3. Load the loadout.
  4. The grenade launcher will be unloaded. There is a shortage of 1 cartridge in the inventory from what is expected.

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Can confirm that issue. Something is wrong there. Perhaps a good idea to use get/setUnitLoadout instead of the scripted function.

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