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Zombies in update 1.12 suck
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Instead of buffing zombies to have super vision, hearing, and leather skin I say revert the zombies back to update 1.11 and add new artificial intelligence that I recommend below:

  • AI human bandits that are looking to rob other survivors and eat their flesh in order to survive
  • Vampires that come out during the night time to feed on zombies, pigs, sheep, real human players
  • Werewolves that come out at night to feed on zombies, pigs, sheep, real human players

These new AI can spawn and appear just like the wolves do when they make their howling noises to give you a warning that they are near, and then they appear and attack out of no where. Or you can make some of these AI spawn in certain parts of the map to guard higher tier weapons and items.


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Dude stop complaining about infected, they are hard because in 1.11 they were SO easy to kill they seem a joke. Zombies HAVE TO BE A THREAT, change you gameplay accordingly and stop dreaming, vampires? werewolves? what is this? a twilight movie?

Zombies were a threat in 1.11 especially when you encountered mobs of them when shooting at human players since they aggro to gunshots. The AI that I recommended were just a suggestion and they can probably test it out on the experimental servers to see if people like it or not, but I think that any new AI even if they are not vampires or werewolves would be a nice addition to the game.

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How would that AI fit into the lore of DayZ?

Zombies in 1.11 weren't a threat. Zombies in 1.12 are unbalanced. Tweaks are needed (still waiting for the hotfix that fixes shock values, damage values, gunshot sound values and zed balance values).

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Hello luckydog2128.
There are currently no plans to roll back the changes to zombies. Also, their vision and hearing has not been changed.