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AI PlayerBase projectiles do no damage and there is no hit effect.
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Hello, when testing functions so that AI PlayerBase can shoot
when the function is called, the effect of the shot occurs, the tracer projectiles is also generated, but there is no damage effect for the player, as well as the effect of the projectile hit.
proto native bool TryFireWeapon (EntityAI weapon, int muzzleIndex);

found 1 more command
in class class Weapon extends InventoryItemSuper
there is a function but which there is no documentation
proto native bool Fire (int muzzleIndex, vector pos, vector dir, vector speed);
tried to execute this command by trial, but it constantly led to an instant server crash


Operating System
Windows 7

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komer created this task.Apr 26 2021, 1:38 AM
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Additional Information.
The hit effect function does not work only for AI bots.
dta \ scripts \ 3_Game \ DayZGame.c
void FirearmEffects(Object source, Object directHit, int componentIndex, string surface, vector pos, vector surfNormal,vector exitPos, vector inSpeed, vector outSpeed, bool isWater, bool deflected, string ammoType)

It is enough to fix this function, and modders can already modify the effect of inflicting damage themselves, all the necessary information, in fact, is already available in this function.