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Fist shock damage seems unbalanced.
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Hello, I won't be covering DAMAGE in this feedback because @Joe_Scrub has covered that in T157673

However I will be highlighting SHOCK, and comparing that to other tools.

Currently in DayZ 1.11(Stable) fists deal 10 light & 15 heavy shock damage, and a player will instantly start regenning SHOCK as soon as it drops <100

Now looking at the changes in 1.12(EXP) the fists deal 15 light and 20 heavy which doesn't seem too much of a difference.. however 1.12(EXP update 2) saw this change "Slightly delayed the recovery from shock damage after receiving it", which made it so a player now doesn't start regenning shock until 1 second after receiving damage

Again, a small change & I can see why it has been added, tools which should be 2/3 hit KO weren't working as intended and now are, which I personally love!

However in the current state of EXP, when combining the INCREASED SHOCK DAMAGE of fists & the DELAYED REGEN OF SHOCK, fists seem a little too powerful.

1.12 EXP you can currently knock out a player with only 5 light hits with your fists..
Here are some tools for comparison
KNIVES take 5 light hits
SHOVEL takes 4 light hits
HATCHET takes 4 light hits
Wrench/Hammer take 4 light hits.

referencing again T157673, Mr Geez mentioned tool damage is subject to balancing, the reason for me bringing them up here was just to show how ineffective they currently are versus FISTS

Overall in my view, I think the shock increase was OK until the DELAYED SHOCK REGEN was added. Now together it just seems way to unbalanced. I'd like to see the SHOCK REGEN stay, but to have the fists NERFED in shock.

Thanks for reading,


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