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I tested 3 microphones on 2 laptops and can't speak in game
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I tried speaking in-game using an Acer Aspire and a Dell laptops, I even tested both with a USB mic but it still not working.
Both laptops and all 3 mics work with all other apps and games.

See steps and additional Info for better understanding.

Thanks in advance.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I tried all the feedbacks I read here and online, not in order, but including:

  1. Using default options
  2. Selecting the USB or the laptop mic
  3. Advanced sound options with 1 and 2
  4. Updated drivers and OS
  5. Microphone volume inside and outside the game (db boost and everything)
  6. Tested even on the offline version, but it seems you can't speak there. The reason is to test faster with the Megaphone instead of finding someone to test the audio
  7. Tested and configured the Steam audio options, it works fine there as with other apps and games
  8. Tested with the original and modded versions and many maps
Additional Information

The additional info that I can provide is actually a question:

When in-game, main screen or any map, when you alt+tab to windows, is it supposed to show the microphone icon on the tray, saying that the DayZ is using the mic? Mine never shows with DayZ but true for other apps, it shows the Steam bootstrapper thou, if I log in on Steam friends and test the microphone there.

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bigz created this task.Jan 26 2021, 6:27 PM
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Hello bigz.
Is there any specific software installed on your computer that is also running when you are playing the game that is installed on both laptops that could be uzsing the interference?
Have you tried to disable every single program and run DayZ only?

bigz added a comment.Feb 1 2021, 7:49 PM

Hi Geez,

Thanks for the reply.
I thought about that, but couldn't find a better way to check besides DayZ not appearing on the list of apps that used the mic or is currently using it.
That lead me to my additional info situation, that Windows shows which app is using the microphone (when the mic icon appears on the tray) but not true with DayZ.
When I have something else opened, for example, the Steam Friends voice options, together with DayZ, the mic works with the Steam.
I also tried disabling the native mic when using the USB one, for instance, but it didn't work.
Never tried any BIOS configuration, but that seems too extreme for me, besides I tested on 2 computers...
Can you answer me if with DayZ open it shows the mic icon on the windows tray?


I am with the same problem since 1.09 this happened after I lowered all the volume of the sound of the microphone (since there was a guy yelling through the speakers) in the game menu, after that I could never speak into the microphone again

bigz added a comment.Feb 15 2021, 12:42 PM

I am with the same problem since 1.09 this happened after I lowered all the volume of the sound of the microphone (since there was a guy yelling through the speakers) in the game menu, after that I could never speak into the microphone again

For you it seems an even crazier issue...
I mean, to my understanding this kind of problem is worse than an in-game bug, but the solution appears to be more difficult to solve.
Anyways, this is a situation that stopped me from playing the game, since if I find someone and I can't speak I can't fend for myself and they can do whatever they want, specially KOS me and there is nothing I can do. DayZ without microphone does not make sense to me.

This should be addressed with more priority, after all it prevents you from actually playing the game as it is supposed to.
I know they can't fix local problems, but they could look at this as it is affecting their game in particular. In alll my other apps and games the micrphone works.

Thanks in advance for everybody looking into this, I will be checking from time to time.

bigz added a comment.Thu, Apr 22, 5:44 PM

The thread being set as "Need More Info" is wrong, and I saw the same "response" on threads with the same issue.
I provided all the info needed, so what more do you need?
It seems to me that this problem still exists for a lot of people and most of them tried all the possible solutions, which none of them worked.
Is there something that I didn't try that I could do?
Also, sorry if I didn't answer correctly your question, but no, no other programs that may use the microphone are open together with DayZ, only Steam (that I tried with Friends open and closed).
All my apps and games when using the microphone, it shows the icon on the tray, but this is not true for DayZ and DayZ only.

Besides all the tests executed, all drivers are up to date, both for audio and video.
The only thing I didn't try was to check the BIOS, but since everything else works, that does not make sense.

Please, I would like for the support guys to try harder on this one, because I am sure this ongoing situation will persist if no fix or todo is provided.

Thanks in advance.

JerryK added a subscriber: JerryK.EditedThu, Apr 22, 6:33 PM

I still don't get why after all this time DayZ doesn't have audio settings that let us select which audio source it should use. I assume adding/implementing this would solve a few issues that people have sometimes.