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Land_House_2W03_F & Land_House_2W04_F
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DLS Livonia has a couple of houses:

  1. Land_House_2W03_F - Inside it, the equipment menu or other menus of items that may be inside the house do not work.
  2. Land_House_2W04_F - in the same, only in the yellow house, at the entrance you cannot see the image inside the house watch the video

since these houses are used a lot on other maps, I ask you to fix this bug. i

video without mods


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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topden created this task.Jan 25 2021, 1:39 PM

that's some really weird bug you got there - would like to know what causes it and how it can be fixed
I noticed quite a lot of issues while playin both the official campaign and custom missions (mostly altis life) - but what you got there - wow, quite a lot has to go wrong in a specific order at the same time to cause that ...

there is nothing difficult here. put this house in the editor and go to it. the menu will not work. that's all

That sounds very weird - as such an issue caused by the model of the house? Strange ...
Well, ok, it may be an issue with some transparency with the door frame make the unit inside invisible. But the bugged menus? I'm not sure how that could be specific to a building object model - unless some issue with the bounding box (which comes up a lot even on normal server-/game startup - so I guess there're in fact quite some bugged models).

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