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Killed by hacker on US - NY 5203
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Me and 2 other teammates were consecutively killed by a hacker while INSIDE of a building. No gun shots were heard during time of death.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

-Log in to server 5203

-Be inside base with lots of loot


Additional Information

Me and my team stopped playing around 0100hrs CST on 22 JAN 2021. I was first to log in and check on our base at approximately 0930hrs CST on 22 JAN 2021 and I noticed our base had been raided. After logging in, I did not attempt to move or run around, only observe. Within 1 minute I had been shot in the head and I saw blood splatter go to the right of my screen (I was facing North.) I immediately called by 2 other teammates to log in and fight. One of my other teammates managed to pull the gear from my dead body while the other stayed inside base looking out. Within 2-3 minutes both of those teammates were instantly killed while moving around inside the base with doors shut.

Event Timeline

Just got instakilled again on 5203. NOW would be a good time for any admins to check the server logs and ban this guy........

No admins on public servers.

No admins on public servers.

good to know, thanks

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Hello h3r0mikejr.
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