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Commands to query and manipulate terrainvertices
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New functions in diag.exe for control of terrain vertices would be very handy for different purposes including addition to ingame editor for Buldozer like terrain editing.

Example commands:

_res = getTerrainResolution; //returns size/resolution of heightmap e.g. 1024,2048,...
_grid = getTerrainGridSize; //returns grid size in m, e.g. 12.5, 6.75. _res*_grid is equal to mapsize in m
_height = getTerrainVertex [i,j]; //returns height ASL of vertex i,j where [0,0] is the bottom left vertex and [getTerrainResolution-1,getTerrainResolution-1] ist the top right one.
[i,j] setTerrainVertex _heightASL; //Selfexplained


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Windows 10 x64
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returns terrain grid as scalar

diag_getTerrainHeight PositionWorld
returns height as scalar
diag_getTerrainSegmentOffset PositionWorld
returns [x,y] but as segment (integer, basically pixel coordinates in heightmap)

PositionWorld diag_setTerrainHeight Scalar

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ZaneIndelicato added a comment.EditedOct 10 2021, 10:44 PM

@dedmen Could one use the implemented commands to also get the closest terrain vertices to a position? I know that the current set of commands get the closest point when setting or getting the height nearest to a position but I have not found a decent way to find the given points before making edits to the area. If not could you extend the feature to also allow the query of terrain vertices?