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Can't use negative IDC for idcSearch of CT_TREE
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Negative idcs are absolutely valid, because you can use _disp displayCtrl _negativeIDC. But you can't use them as idcSearch. Apparently, the engine code is naively written as:

if (idcSearch > 0) {



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Windows 7

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default value if no idcSearch is present is -1
negative number means not initialized/not present.

Can fix, but is there any config anywhere that sets idcSearch=-1 and expects that to mean "not present"? Can you check AiO config?

And how important is fix for this? I'd rather not if not needed

Leopard20 added a comment.EditedMon, Jan 4, 10:26 PM

I did this search in an AiO config:

idcSearch[ ]*=[ ]*-1

but no result.

I think idcSearch = 0 is treated as "not present"

And how important is fix for this

I'm using negative IDCs to avoid messing with other GUIs.
(negative IDC typically means an IDC you don't care about) Instead I use their class names. That's why I figured it'd be a good idea to have this fixed too.
But instead I'd prefer if it could be set with a command: _tv tvSetSearchCtrl _ctrl

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