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Glitching and death when sprinting onto an edge while falling
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When a player runs/sprints off of a platform (falling but with forward momentum) and hits an edge of an object he can get stuck very briefly in best case scenario, and stuck extremely long and die from fall damage, even if the distance from edge to ground is small.

Depending on point of contact between player and edge and the geometry of the edge, different things can happen:

  1. The player can get stuck on the edge for varying amounts of time. Long or short. The longer he is stuck, the more likely it is he will die or receive a lot of damage when finally arriving at the the bottom. Sometimes he just dies directly on the edge after being stuck for a long time.
  1. When the player gets unstuck from the edge and falls to the floor, players can get stuck again when they come into contact with the floor. When that happens, the falling animation keeps playing, and after a while death occurs. In this case it can happen that they slowly slide along the wall (while in falling state)

After some testing, i can confirm that it happens for stuff constructed from multiple objects (like in provided mission). It is not due to particular objects used, it happens on all objects with similar geometry.
It also happens single objects, where the entire geometry is in the same model. For example buildings with stair cases / trenches / any point where users can walk off a platform and accidentally hit an edge.

Idk the cause of the issue or the possible solution - but should there be no clean solution possible, shouldnt it be possible to detect this stuck state - and do some magic tricks to stop it? If player is in falling state, but his ASL heigth doesnt change within a time frame, then he is stuck. Weather it is this bug or a case of a player standing on geometry LOD without a roadway LOD above it, could be determined by ray casting for those lods, possibly.
Teleporting the player to a different position a few centimeters away on safe ground would be better than dieing from non-logical fall damage.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Load sample mission, try to sprint on the other side. Try both situations, they lead to different results.

-Left canal pair: you get stuck on the edge long, then you can fall down and get damaged (or if you rotate around, get stuck at bottom too)
-Right canal pair: you only shortly get stuck on edge, but on contact with floor get stuck again until death

You can vary height and distance of the objects to vary type of outcome if desired

Note: the slight downwards slope of the object you run off from is not the reason this happens. It also happens when running off from objects with horizontal surfaces.

Additional Information

The result appears to be somewhat map dependant. E.g. a custom model trench (same edge and floor positions/distance as right case in test mission) - on Malden it produced identical problem like in test mission. On VR map however, players dont get stuck on the floor after edge contact. Players only get stuck on the edge for a fraction of a second in VR in this particular case.

custom model is this Custom Model.png (bottom is roadway). Various things with roadway and geo lod have been tried to get rid of the problem, without success.

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@BIS_fnc_KK I think it's related to: T153368
But please do not revert that change. If it's possible, fix this one.

It can also be reproduced just on the stair case of Land_Factory_Main_F -> when running down the stairs you can get into the glitched state, and "slide" along the level platform.