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1.10 exp feedback
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  1. Hand and inventory bugs are back! Having to relog frequently to fix non-functioning hands.

E.g pick up can of tuna. Try and open. Doesn't open. Relog and can isn't even in your hands

  1. Fishing in the sea doesn't work. Tested with both improvised and normal fishing rod. You can cast into the sea but the UI circle doesn't do anything. Worm can vanish off the hook with a relog

Have videos of all bugs if required


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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  1. I experienced this issue as well today and yesterday on exp 1.10.153507, where I suddenly was unable to place things into my hands. Moving items from the ground<->inventory worked fine at the same time though. Here's a video I recorded ( ), notice how I initially had issues putting my axe onto my back; then the issues began when I couldn't bring it back into my hands. This happened on the server EU UK 0-3 at 14:00 CET today. Here are my game logs:
  1. I managed to catch a Mackerel in the sea on the coast using an improvised fishing rod and bait. The UI circle didn't do anything though... Once you catch a fish, you are able to move the fishing rod left and right with the mouse, even walking worked but without any animation.
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Thank you for the report Beav.
The issue with the hands glitching out has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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Hello again.
This issue has been fixed internally and the fix will appear in one of the upcoming updates.