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Need a command returning the rope segments.
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In rope family commands, ropeCreate, ropeEndPosition.... there is no mean for returning all segments of a rope. You can grab "ropeSegment" with nearObjects, but that doesn't help if you have more than one rope within the radius. Furthermore, in MP, the created rope(s) on a PC (createROPE is E.G.) can be seen but the nearObjects applied to "ropeSegment" returns an array of [<nullObject>,<nullObject>,....] (the nbr of elements is OK) on the other PCs.
Why this inconsistency with ropes?


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Windows 10
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create several ropes in MP . Try to sort the segments by rope. It's not possible.

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It's first of all, a feature request for a new command. There is no command or function returning the segments (objects) of a rope.

The rest is just an info.
For the repro on MP, I suggest you place two players, two UAV (or physX objects linkable to rope), obj1 & obj2, and a trigger Alfa to createRope between obj1 and obj2. You can test a second rope between obj3 and obj4, just to make sure to grab segments with nearObjects "ropeSegment" from obj1 (or other)s. This way is NOT returning the segments of a specific rope. So, it's a bonus hint, not the subject of the request. Run in MP with two players. Do you really need a mission.sqm for that?

no what I need is something I can exec in debug console that creates the rope and another command line that shows the bug. but if you say no biggie, then I guess I will leave it

So, could you just focus on the request for new command? There no mean to return a rope segments. Nothing to repro. It's just non-existing.

Bugs are priority, if there is a bug I need to look at it. So can you provide a repro for the bug?

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array = ropeSegments myRope;

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