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Shouldn't accTime return 0 when the game is paused?
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I'm not sure if I'm just imagining things, but I'm pretty sure that when I paused the game in the stable version, accTime was returning 0. I'm on the dev build right now (1.99.146475) and accTime returns 1 for me. Is it a bug?

If it was never a thing, maybe you could add it as a feature?


Not A Bug
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Windows 7
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pause the game and type


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no, the accTime returns current value of time acceleration and it doesnt change when the game is paused. If you need to know when the game is paused use

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Leopard20 added a comment.EditedJul 9 2020, 2:11 PM

I know that command. I just thought accTime also returned 0 when the game is paused. I'm almost 100% sure it did return 0 in one of the builds. I'm not sure which, but I could use accTime==0 instead of isGamePaused. Also my manual time progression code (alternative to time, and almost identical to CBA_missionTime) was working ok. But now I indeed have to use isGamePaused.

Anyway, it was a minor issue. I thought it might've been a bug so I reported it.

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If it was returning 0 before then it must have changed with introduction of handleAccTime EH and most likely changed for a reason as the command is a simple engine value getter.